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Twilight looked down yet again at the package she had recieved 3 days ago, and at the note that had been attached to it, wondering yet again if this was some surprise her teachers had throw together for her. Just last year they had sent her to Germaney, to experience Kloptoberfest. "You have to loosen up once in awhile, maybe make some friends!" her magical studies teacher had lectured her. She read the note for the umpteenth time, looking for any clues.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle,

                 Your magical expertise is needed to address a matter of grave importance in Seasdale, on the coast of the Rainbow Ocean. A flight has been booked for you, and all preperations have been made. Would you kindly use the tickets provided and promptly board the 9am flight?


p.s. Would you kindly forget about the covered part of this note, as well as this sentence, until you are on the flight?"

Weird, she didn't remember that last bit....wonder what the covered part says......

.....pain. Twilight slowly became aware of the world past her pain, the sounds of burning, the smell of flaming jet fuel. As she opened her eyes, she took in the scene of carnage around her,


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Necrobadger Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
"Stop, would you kindly? (Twilight reacts instantly, and obeys the command involuntarily) 'Would you kindly'... Magical phrase. Friendly phrase? (Twilight experiences a cascade of memories of "Luna" including the phrase in her "suggestions") Sit, would you kindly? (Twilight obeys) Stand, would you kindly? (Twilight obeys) Trot! Stop! Turn. (Twilight obeys) A Pony chooses, a mule obeys. (Celestia floats Twilight her Banana Bag) Kill! (Twilight obeys, striking her with the bag) A Pony chooses! (Twilight strikes again) A Mule obeys! (Twilight strikes again) OBEY! (Twilight kills Celestia with a final, deadly blow) "